Brian Allen is a dynamic artist emerging within the Los Angeles art scene. His curiosity and diverse painting styles stem from his upbringing in Europe where he spent his childhood interacting with people from many cultures. This experience as a “3rd Culture Kid” has played a big part in shaping Brian as an artist by influencing his use of color, composition and the subjects he portrays.

One of Brian’s fondest memories was the freedom to roam the city. As he cruised the streets by foot, bike or bus, he was able to let the rich history of the Netherlands soak into his visual vocabulary. The buildings, the people and the landscapes (including the legendary Dutch tulips) were some of his favorite sites and places he drew inspiration.

Upon returning to the US, Brian has let the familiar culture of Los Angeles mature him as an artist as he continues to grow and venture out, exploring different concepts involving figures, colors and abstractions. With a fascination in bold color, Brian dives into a conversation relating color directly to every individual as he embroiders each with a diverse color palette to match the unspoken personality and unseen story.

Brian is a product of his upbringing, education and experience. Having studied under great teachers at Azusa Pacific University and other creative mentors along the way, Brian has become dedicated to his career and continues to push himself artistically in painting and drawing. He enjoys meeting people and experiencing new adventures, which allow for new inspiration and opportunities to arise. Through hard work and determination Brian has created a style of his own which is constantly improving and reflecting the culture around him.