Expo Wall

Acrylic and spray paint on indoor wall.
21 ft. x 50 ft
May 9 - May 19th

This is the view of the entire Expo piece. In the early 1900's there was a previous train line that went from Pasadena to Santa Monica. I wanted to touch on the history and the memories that were most likely made upon that train and create a conversation asking the viewer, what memories might this new metro line allow?

The story of this wall is as follows:

The Benchman is sitting in the center of the piece, encompassed by darkness and memories. Each scene around him are parts of his history as he met the love of his life. It's meant to allow the viewer to be engulfed by this other world and start to reminisce on his or her memories of travel. And, to allow those memories to resonate with the scenes from the Benchman's mind.