Blue and Green Beginnings: Giving Your Worth, Blue and Green Man

Spray Paint, Acrylics, House paint and mixed media on panel

This is the beginning of the wall. It starts with a figure that has a wide leg stance and is thrusted back as the "worth" in the being is thrown unto the wall. It is followed by a male figured perched looking straight at the viewer.

Giving Your Worth
This piece is the energy for the wall. It shows the bodies reaction when it gives everything it has for something greater. The leg is highlighted because it shows the fluidity in a single stoke of a brush, as well as how one stroke can contain so much energy. It plays with patterns and abstract lines that provide contrast.

Blue and Green Man
This Figure is perched as an observer. He plays among the contrast of sinking into the background verses popping out and being bold enough to be in front of the rest of the abstract work on the wall. He is made up of the same colors of the world he lives in to show that the energy around him actually make up who he is.

The Blue and Green Man in his space showing that the painting extends farther than the canvas.