Orange Transition: The Orange Comfort, Hold My Hand

Spray Paint, Acrylics, House paint and mixed media on panel

This Orange Transition goes form a world of strange winds that surround figures and creates essence, to a world that comforts the pain we experience. It gives a companion to sufferers, a friend in a friendless time, something to help us to keep on going.

The Orange Comfort
This is a picture of a woman comforting a man. Agony and pain have caused him to lose all his strength and forced him to sit with his elbow propped on his knee to create a stem his face can rest on. The woman figure is full of encouragement and energy, as she is caught in this intimate moment reaching through his pose to make contact with his cheek to turn his head toward her, the sign of keep going, and 'it's going to be ok.'

Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand is an abstract based piece. Two figures are created with shapes and lines. One on the left and one on the right. They are joined by what would be hands. The Idea behind it was going through life with friends and being in contact with community. We all need a hand to hold after hard times.