The Purple Wander: Rainy Halt, Walking Essence.

Spray Paint, Acrylics, House paint and mixed media on panel

This is the second part of the wall. Where it transitions from blues to a world with purples and pinks. This new world is still riddled with knowledge of the Blue and Green Beginning. This section contains two figures. Rainy Halt and Walking Essence.

These colors and poses give a sense of unknown, a certain uncertainty is received. Lines that have a life of their own wander through and over shapes as if searching for direction. Shapes and colors that work together to show the elusive serenity that lies within these shapes and lines.

Walking Essence
Walking Essence is suppose to evoke a feeling of something that is possibly not there. Walking the same way wind flows, there is no being, only the essence remains. There is no form to essence, as it whisps and flairs upon boxes and over into different spaces. These lines bounce off of the foot of the figure, Walking Essence. A sense of joy and a subtle upbeat lives in them. The legs are painted abstractly on a box that extends three feet off of the wall.

Rainy Halt
Rainy Halt is paired with the belief that things that we don't have control over are able to limit us. Although the color in him is glowing, it is shooting out of his body holding him down. Yet he is still standing, still colorful, and hopeful!"